Becky’s Angels International was inspired by Dr. Rebecca Ogaz, a domestic violence survivor.

Our Motto

We are committed to providing a safe environment where victims of domestic violence can become empowered.

What we do

Survivors who exit our program are empowered, inspired, and understand the meaning of self-respect and purpose.

Why Us

We provide a path to overcome insecurities and empower victims to abandon their fears and their violent cycle.

Becky’s Angels International is an organization committed to providing a safe environment where victims of domestic violence can become knowledgeable on information need to change their hostile situations. Our approach when working with victims is non-judgmental, caring, understanding, and educational. We want to empower each victim so they themselves may transition from victim to survivor. The educational journey becomes a life changing experience that is carried on to their next generation in order to break the cycle of violence. We hope that victims who come in exit our program feeling empowered, inspired, and knowledgable about the meaning of self-respect, self-worth, independence, and purpose.

For information on volunteer opportunites or donating books, toys, food, or other needed items, please contact our Office Manager: 562.413.1903

The beginning of Becky’s Angels International was inspired by Emilia Valles when she dedicated her domestic violence survivorship story to Dr. Rebecca Ogaz, a fellow domestic violence survivor. Like many victims of domestic violence, Emilia was living in an endless cycle of abuse for nearly 30 years. She began attending Dr. Ogaz’s therapy groups where she learned to become strong and fearless. She described Dr. Ogaz as her angel. An angel who guided her away from her insecurities and empowered her to abandon her fears. Through this, she was able to utilize the tools Dr. Ogaz gave her in order to change her situation and end the violent cycle.

Emilia wanted to follow her angels footsteps and hoped to become an angel herself for other victims of domestic violence. She began by creating angel charms in order to raise money to start off a non-profit for such victims. Since, she and Dr. Ogaz have dedicated themselves to providing therapy, education, and the tools necessary for improving the lives of those fighting domestic violence.

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